The business journey of Mittal Family beginning from a small village, called Dadhariya at Churu in Rajasthan. Has now reached to the economic capital of our country ‘Mumbai’. Mittal group has proved itself in the field of construction and now the present generation of the family, showing their glorious presence in the other fields of commerce and trade.

Mumbai emigrant ‘Mittal Brothers’ founded the college under ‘Mittal Charities, Mumbai’ in 1981 in the fond memory of their beloved parents Smt. Kamla Devi and Sh.Gauri Dutt Mittal. This college is a specific tribute of mittal brothers to their parents.

The inauguration ceremony of the college was held on 14 Nov.1981 with ‘lighting of the lamp’ by the then Education and Finance minister,Raj. Govt. Mr Chandanmal Baid. The ceremony became more glorious with the presence of Mr. Shivnath Singh, Director, Education Department, Rajasthan. The college at its initial stage was run at Mittal Guest House. Later on Dec.8, 1984 the college was shifted to its newly built splendid building.

The first session of the college began with only thirty (30) students. In those days parents were not willing to provide higher education to their girls, so the dedicated and scholar teachers of the college went door to door to encourage parents to send their girls to the college for getting higher education.